MARVID ® is part by ECORFAN-Mexico S.C in contribution to the scientific, technological and innovation Peer Review Process by the formation of Human Resources to the continuity in the Critical Analysis of International Research, we are to RENIECYT-CONACYT 1702902 and integrated into the National System of Researchers-SNI-in levels I-II and III in the areas of Physical Mathematics and Earth Sciences-Biology and Chemistry-Medicine and Health Sciences-Humanities and Behavioral Sciences-Social Sciences-Biotechnology and Agricultural Sciences and Engineering.


Train experts in a specific subject area that value scientific support, quality, creativity, originality, validity, significance, clarity and ethics of work done by other researchers and, through his observations, improve quality of the manuscript.

Help ensure that the work is methodologically well done and the findings have been well played, particularly in the areas of study limitations, the findings strength and clarity of information.

Detect fraud or plagiarism


In MARVID ® We developed peer review process in Scientific Publications: for the chapter of the International Agency in England- ISBN: Actas,Series, Proceedings, Collections, Handbooks , Books and Textbooks, for the chapter of the International Agency in France-ISSN: Journals and Research Journals and Industrial Property: Industrial Creations, Patents, Utility Models, Industrial Designs, Industrial Secrets, Trademarks, Commercial names, Commercial announcements, Denomination of origin and Software, their advantages and disadvantages, their current situation and some perspectives of future.


Implement peer review to link to the editor with the evaluators in the world and refer to ethics in science, including types of inclusive behavior and procedures for evaluators and the main guidelines related to communication in science.

Ethics Code

All decisions and actions of MARVID ® should be directed to the satisfaction of the needs and interests of the Academy, over and above private interests unrelated to the welfare of society. MARVID ® should not allow them to influence their judgments and conduct, interests that may harm or benefit individuals or groups to the detriment of the welfare of society. MARVID ® must act with honesty, always attending to the truth. Conducted in this way, MARVID ® will promote the credibility of society in public and private institutions to help generate a culture of trust and attachment to the truth. Assume fully the responsibility of society to perform its functions adequately and subject to the evaluation of society itself. This forces it to perform its functions with efficiency and quality, as well as to count on the permanent disposition to develop processes of continuous improvement, modernization and optimization of resources. MARVID ® will act without granting undue preferences or privileges to any organization or person. Their commitment is to make decisions and exercise their functions objectively, without personal bias and without allowing the undue influence of other people. It must be conducted with a sensitive and supportive attitude, respect and support towards the society with whom it interacts. This behavior should be offered with special attention to those people or social groups who lack sufficient elements to achieve their integral development and those who have less.

Conduct Code

To know, comply and carry out action plans with responsibility and in compliance with the laws and regulations that regulate my functions as a team at MARVID ® Encourage compliance with regulations in all my acts. Communicate to the competent authorities any irregularity, acts of corruption or omissions contrary to the law. To fulfill my functions in accordance with the principles of legality, honesty, loyalty, impartiality and efficiency. Use MARVID ® goods, services and programs for personal, partisan, electoral or other purposes. Responsibly use the information under my responsibility. I refrain from using, sharing, altering and hiding information that impairs the functions of MARVID ® or in order to unduly or prejudice a third party. Use the human, financial, material and computer resources assigned, in a responsible manner and in accordance with the regulations to contribute to accountability and the common good. Refrain from subtracting or plagiarising goods, services and programs contracted by MARVID ® for personal purposes. Equally attending the academy, regardless of gender, age, race, creed, religion, political preference, sex, marital status, language, ideology, sexual preference, work or profession, physical appearance, disability or Health, socioeconomic status or educational level. Refrain from engaging in situations that could represent a conflict between my personal interests and the interests of MARVID ® I should not accept gifts or encouragement of any kind that purport to influence my decisions as a MARVID ® team. Foster a cordial, harmonious and organized work environment, within a framework of respect, communication and openness with other areas. Conduct my actions with dignity and respect towards myself and my colleagues, promoting fairness, tolerance and friendly and cordial treatment regardless of gender, special abilities, age, religion, sexual preferences or hierarchical level.